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Our Sea Turtles by Blair and Dawn Witherington

Our Sea Turtles by Blair and Dawn Witherington


A FORWARD INDIES book awards 2015 GOLD Winner for Nature

Blair and Dawn Witherington intimately reveal the lives of sea turtles in Our Sea Turtles: A Practical Guide to the Atlantic and Gulf from Canada to Mexico. The book’s pithy, well-organized sections are lavishly illustrated. It is a guide for anyone who is the least bit curious about these fascinating marine animals. Bite-sized installments harmonize with multiple images on each page to make this book a unique and entertaining resource. The story it tells covers understanding, experiencing, and saving Our Sea Turtles, with descriptions of how these endangered animals contribute to our happiness and why they deserve a helping hand. 

Available at a wide variety of online sites, nature centers, and bookstores.